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The Day Of The Floor - 1999 Words

As I step into the elevator, a chill runs down my spine. For starters, I hate elevators. Whenever I’m in one, I feel anxious and claustrophobic; I’m afraid that it’ll get stuck, or worse, fall several stories down. I press the button of the floor I’m going to, six. I cannot recall why I was heading to the sixth floor, and what building I was in in general, but the remembrance of the floor number button six lighting up separately three times is etched into my memory. For a second the elevator stops; it felt like the whole world did. The lights flickered until they eventually gave out. As complete darkness consumed the machine, I felt it abruptly jolt and begin to descend. Within seconds, I felt the impact of the ground below. I shut my eyes†¦show more content†¦Adolf Hitler is there for his cruel treatment of the Jewish people. I notice Hera is here for taking out the animosity she possessed towards her husband Zeus on innocent women whom had no ch oice but to have affairs with him. Casey Anthony is here for the abuse and neglect she caused her daughter before she killed her. Cholly Breedlove is present for raping his daughter, Pecola. Lastly, I see Hannibal Lector sobbing as he watches a demon eat him alive in child form over and over again, like he did to his victims. As I turn around, I come face to face with Casey Anthony. â€Å"I didn’t do it! I am innocent! I don’t belong here!† she shrieked. I felt an overwhelming anger boil up inside me as she tried to convince me she didn’t belong there, when evidence shows she clearly did. Before I could explode, Blair grabs me by the arm again and guides me swiftly towards the elevator. â€Å"I think that’s enough of Floor 1.† â€Å"There’s MORE?!†, I said in horror. I did not want to continue on. She pressed the next button. â€Å"It’s almost mine!† Voices echo as the doors reopen and we step onto the next floor. Up ahead I can see a group of individuals grabbing and running towards mirages and images of wealth, power, and fame, but whenever they approach them, they go right through what seems to be, because they are only aShow MoreRelatedHow The Surgical Floor Works And How A Normal Day On The Floor Will Look Like879 Words   |  4 Pagesfor clinical I was doing my first day on the surgical floor for this semester’s placement. I was able to begin to understand how the surgical floor works and how a normal day on the floor will look like. Examine Experience For this reflection instead of focusing on a specific situation I am going to be reflecting on my feeling throughout the shift. Going into the clinical rotation I was really looking forward to a experiencing the new pace of the surgical floor. Last semester I was on MedicineRead MoreThe Medical Surgical Floor Recovering From His Transverse Colostomy Five Days2116 Words   |  9 PagesA week after initial admission, the patient is on the medical surgical floor recovering from his transverse colostomy five days ago. At 1200 vital signs are as follows, temperature 99.1; pulse 96; respirations 18; blood pressure 141/69; pulse ox is 94% on 1L NC in AM. The patient appears acutely ill and lays in bed with his eyes closed even when family comes into the room to check on him. He is alert and oriented to person, but not place or situation. He appears lethargic and is slow to respond toRead MoreThe Environment Of Psychiatric Facilities, Regional West And Behavioral Management, And Their Effe cts On Patients Mood1056 Words   |  5 Pagesold and up. The second floor of the facility is known as the step down unit. This unit provides room for patients who are showing improvements, but still require hospitalization. The third floor of the facility consists of both male and female adults. Last, the fourth floor of the hospital is the pediatric floor. All three floors in the hospital had similar characteristics. The walls at Regional West were white with neutral accent walls, such as green and blue. Each floor had different types of plantsRead MoreThe City Main Hospital Cochin,1485 Words   |  6 Pagesnursing department. The hospital had five floors. The fifth floor was meant for keeping chronic and old age patients under observation†. Like all other floors, this unit had 80 beds with all the excellent facilities and round the clock services of 50 nurses reporting to Lily Joe, the Senior Nurse Manager. The Executive Director knew that over the years the fifth floor as â€Å"observation† unit had been only partially utilized. For the last 20 months the floor had never served more than 6 patients atRead MoreWood Flooring : A Natural Creation That Is Recyclable, Eco Friendly And Renewable Resources801 Words   |  4 Pageswarm luminosity of wooden flooring Eastcote. Any room in an abode can be enriched by this type of floor, including the kitchenette. Research states that maximum individuals who are searching for a house add wood floors to their wish list they have crafted, and resale worth increases when abodes are sold that have some type of wood flooring installed. Many homeowners have chosen to bed in this kind of floor throughout their abodes since it adds to the worth of the home and also helps in the resale valueRead MoreThe Eiffel Tower, Architecture, And Scenic View1029 Words   |  5 Pagesrevolution. The construction of the Eiffel Tower took 2 years, 2 months and 5 days. When it was constructed, it was the defining moment of the industrial era. The Eiffel Tower was only intended to last 20 years, but it has lasted 126 years! According to the world, the Eiffel Tower is France’s symbol. When you see the Eiffel Tower, most people think Paris or France. The Eiffel Tower stands 1062 feet tall and has 3 floors. It has 7 million visitors annually and 75 percent of them are foreigners. ItRead MoreUsing Radiant And Convection Heat For Comfort Essay1223 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction The concept of using radiant and convection heat for comfort has been around since early man. People chose south facing caves because the sun would warm up the rocks during the day and radiate the heat into the cave at night. The flames from a fire also gave off radiant heat. Technology has developed to control radiant and convection heat. Radiant heating and cooling (RHC) systems utilize the surrounding surfaces as heating and/or cooling sources. Generally, RHC systems are systems thatRead MoreClass Service And Lifestyle Choices For 55 And Better1451 Words   |  6 Pagesusually have a routine that they follow on a day to day basis. The residents generally wake up, get dressed, go down for breakfast, read the paper, got to lunch, some may take a nap, then it s back to the dining room for dinner. Some nights the faculty will put on bingo for the residents, but some go home and watch TV, and depending on the night most will go to the activities that are held during the evenings. Som e activities the residents do day by day include: exercise, bingo, shopping, baking clubRead More new york stock exchange Essay764 Words   |  4 Pagesgrown to become the global marketplace of today. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Each day on the NYSE trading floor and auction takes place. Open bid and offers are managed on the trading floor page of by exchange members acting on behalf of institutions and individual investors. Buy and sell orders for each listed security meet directly on the trading floor in assigned locations. The NYSE trading floor contains 20 posts with more that 400 trading positions. Prices are determined throughRead MoreNew York Stock Exchange, a Global Marketplace766 Words   |  4 Pagesunparalleled. The NYSE has grown to become the global marketplace of today. Each day on the NYSE trading floor and auction takes place. Open bid and offers are managed on the trading floor page of by exchange members acting on behalf of institutions and individual investors. Buy and sell orders for each listed security meet directly on the trading floor in assigned locations. The NYSE trading floor contains 20 posts with more that 400 trading positions. Prices are determined through

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