Sunday, May 3, 2020

Language Use on Social Media

Question: Write about the Language Use on Social Media. Answer: Introduction: The word slay is a well-known English word that has remained in vogue in the English diction since a long time. The word is used to imply the act of killing a person, in an extremely violent way, often with the use of a sharp weapon. Although the literal meaning of the word slay means killing someone in the true sense, the word slay has multiple meanings, when used on the social media platforms. Data and Data Analysis: On social media platforms like Facebook, the word slay is being employed to imply anything that is amazing. Though the word in the literal sense is associated with negative implications, such as death and destruction of life, in the social media tools, the word is used to imply anything that is cool and fabulous. For instance, a girl was looking beautiful in her new dress, and her friend commented on her Facebook picture: Your dress looks fabulous. You slay it, girl! (DErrico et al. 2015). The word slay nowadays, is also used to humiliate a person and a very popular hash tag commonly found over the Twitter and Facebook, as well as Instagram is #SlaytheCretin (Miranda et al. 2016). It has been observed that when any piece of news is doing the rounds on social media that revolve around a man (a celebrity or a politician) whose recent action has begotten him public wrath, the news article concerning that person or his picture is being shared with the hash tag #SlaytheCretin. Again, if a ny picture or news article on social media surprises someone, even as a good news, the viewer often comments: What! That slays me. Findings and Discussion: In the present time, the art of killing is often associated with the idea of someone doing something great, and thereby destroying the peace of mind of the onlookers. This is the reason as to why the word slay or even kill are used to imply an action or a situation that is too stupendous to describe in words. The question may be raised that why a word like slay that has such a negative implication is being used to describe something good. The point is that the younger generation of people usually employs the use of words that imply destruction, to reinforce the goodness of a thing or a situation. The word slay is usually used to mean that someone is looking so great or a situation is so amazing that s/he is dominating the world, and overshadowing other things. There is a sense of violence in the act of slaying that distinguishes it from any act of killing, and this is the reason why slay is being popularly used by the people of the younger generation as they like words that involve a lot of activity, passion and energy (Munt 2016). However, the casual use of slay can also be seen as an undesirable social trait that can lead the young ones, especially the teenagers, towards reckless activities. It has been observed that the word slay is usually used as a compliment in case of females, whose beauty, style or dress is accused to have slain her male lovers and female competitors. On the other hand, in case of the males, the word is used to refer to mindless people who deserve to die. Reference List: D'Errico, F., Poggi, I. and Corriero, R., 2015. When minorities' group discussions in social media become a resilient strategy. InESSEM@ AAMAS(pp. 116-126). Miranda, S.M., Young, A. and Yetgin, E., 2016. Are social media emancipatory or hegemonic? Societal effects of mass media digitization.Mis Quarterly,40(2), pp.303-329. Munt, S.R., 2016. Argumentum ad misericordiam: the cultural politics of victim media.Feminist Media Studies, pp.1-18.

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