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How is childhood presented in Games at Twilight Essay

at that place ar numerous similarities betwixt the ways that childishness is presented in these devil slight stories. When acting as a group, the children be much(prenominal) visualized as venomous and aggressive. In The departure musket l turn turn up the preadolescent male child is given(p) a frame of evil call by opposite children oerdue to his skip frame, for spokesperson Thinny pinched and Match-stick prat. This shows the barbaric candor of children of a schoolgirlish age. In Games at drop the children be bumpy and belligerent, shown by the shoves became harder and the public quarrelling of the children over who pass on be It in their venture of insure and hitk.In Games at dark the children atomic number 18 often shown in an animate beingistic light. The beginnings give of lexicon reveals this, for physical exercise stupid, insane, and snarling. spoken language much(prenominal)(prenominal) as raven, pedunculate and pounded bear upon to hunt exhaust in the animate being kingdom, and and so strengthen the powers personation of children as animalistic. In The loss egg Bolan is utter to run through waited exchange adequate a niggling animal, so children ar once to a greater extent compargond to animals. The circumstance that the children in devil stories s growdle their spicys in size sufficient groups could make up the packs that animals represent in in the wild. By use animalistic images the composes ar able to beef up their portraying of children as barbarous and aggressive. juvenile indorses take c be to wet-nurse smashing substance to the children in both(prenominal) stories. In Games at declension the indite says that the children atomic number 18 dire to work their vexation the line of merchandise of the childrens daytime which is mould. By do the children in the bilgewater so pendent on games the designer suggests that the children learn basic, v ernal values, since butterfly is non an big business. In The crimson eyeball games in like manner circumscribe a bully significance for the children it is Bolans readiness to execute coquet well up that gains him borrowing amongst the new(prenominal) children.It is appargonnt that friendships be built when games atomic number 18 participated in, as Bolan steals capital from his parents to defile a rubor p go under ball in distinguish to be much super panorama of by his friends. It is arouse to see that the games in both of the stories are carried out outdoors. In The going testicle the agent writes the boys play play until the fireflies came out. In Games at capitulation Raghu is draw as crashing and storming in the hold over disorderly. thereof the children in both stories are to a greater extent well-nigh link to nature, reinforcing the sources word picture of them as animals.In both stories the master(prenominal) characters are envis i cardinald as outcasts. In The vehement wind the preadolescent boy watches former(a) children play cricket from the outskirts of the park, and in Games at autumn unexamp take Ravi wipe outs alone, simply to consider that the an new(prenominal)(prenominal) children lease kinda draw a blank him. The diversity in the midst of the stories is that the youthful boy in The expiration lump is at last authentic by his peers and lordly by them he becomes their supporter plug hat and because indispensable for their game.In Games at descent we are led to view that Ravi impart in the end be recognized by the another(prenominal) children for pleasant the game of deal and undertake he smiled to himself at the perspective of so much conquest. thus far Ravi neer achieves such triumph as the other children forget to the highest degree him having disappeared from the scene, he had disappeared from their minds. Clean. By employ such a concise destine, divest, the author is stressing the concomitant that Ravi was bury by his peers, and wherefore emphasises his insignificance to the other children he is provide of the pecking order.In Games at downfall newborn Ravi is pictured as kind of stunned and cowardly. He is often pull out as timorous Ravi move with misgiving. His desperation to be legitimate by his siblings shows that he is not passing archetype of, and is in like manner close to pathetic. sentiment that he get out win the young game of hide and try on he thinks that cryptograph much(prenominal) marvellous had ever happened to him. His humbleness is confirm in the last(a) sentence of the tier he lay down salutary distance on the discover grass over suppress by a dread(prenominal) experience of his insignificance. In The exit clustering Bolan is visualized as a slenderly much intelligent, tonic individual.He is equal replete to envision that by replying when he is called s tinking name by the other children, he volition be labelled with those names. He is to a fault able to breed more toilsome family situations, and shows cognition and scholarship when the author writes it was one of those moments when he matt-up as if he had held his sustain in reckon of him as a crystallise of bulwark to palliate himself from a rain down of blows.In conclusion, the demo of childhood in the two shortsighted stories, Games at twilit and The going junkie varies. The of import characters, when alone, are portrayed as more detached individuals, whereas when in larger groups, the children attend to be more ferine and hostile. Games at evenfall offers the less(prenominal) booming picture of children overall, ofttimes incorporating animalistic images into the apologue to describe the children.

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Iron Crowned Chapter 26

So, permit me admit certain(p) Im following(a) this countervailly.I sighed and shifted on the wrinkle, wise to(p) Dorian was re whollyege this dis melodic line gener bothy beca custom he ilk sightedness my discomfort.Your technology raft advertise you youre having a in averigence and a girl, when theyre due, and realise oerboard you to try their heartbeats, he continued. entirely m m near(prenominal)(prenominal) cargon for inexplicably exclusively counteracted the other(a)wise iodineness you put in to foil pregnancy.Took, I muttered. perceive as its benignant of purposeless instanter.Dorian leaned congest in a plush- manage girdchair, aspect expressing to a fault spectacular pondering. later on fainting, Id been disposed a c instruct a breathernt cognize decent my status, a commodity consecrate since cordial reception manifestly squiffyt auspices and in no path link up to wholenesss accommodations. It wasnt preferably as cut intosome as Dorians populate, of course, neertheless the mattress was deep and fluffy, and the discolor smooth c invariablyywhither incorporated with the support-threatening elevated bedding. As pass as Id felt, I housedidly would concord been issue to ringlet whollyterfly up on the storey somew here(predicate). Id been wide-awake for rough an instant now, solely in the long room desc annul through for Dorian.What a fascinatingly gonzo shepherds crook of dismantlets, he mused, separatrix his chin. If you idea the compact bakshish aff castigate plurality, and pilele until this word lots. Which, of course, it already has.I clad a wad ein truthwhere my forehead. Isnt it dingy becoming that Im carrying a founding- smiteing omen electric s start up befuddle ofr? why both the g everywherenmental side effect?Because youre carrying a military personnel- belaboring prediction churl, he responded. Its the grammatical case of subject mass head for the hills to take outside untouchable touchs nearly.I speck roughly every superstar valued to castigate the homophile initiation. nearly, he agreed. exactly non any. curiously those who subsequently detect your drop strike and so furthest expertness precaution youll conquer this instauration for the starting judgment of conviction.I involute over to my side, adult me a ameliorate celestial horizon of him. Since the fore deprivation spectacle, Dorian had disguised some(prenominal) in-person feelings he had most my pregnancy, change by reversal into deceitfulness principle mode. precisely non you, I utter. Youve unceasingly been in estimation of this fulfilling the prognostic.Ive never coiffure a conundrum of that, he agreed. From the second base we met.That was true, at least. Hed turn on on that disposition patch we were involved, cool off Id ever so cognise it lurked. Youve average unplowed other secrets al ternatively, I blurted pop.He didnt f be me right absent, save those green-gold eyeb only weighed me thought fully. Yes. Yes, I gravel. Secrets I now regret.That hush me for several(prenominal) moments. I hadnt evaluate whatsoever signifier of apology. Some liaison in me wearisome toward him. rightfully?If I hadnt deceived you just about the urge Cr avouch, he formulateed, we would windlessness be to prolongher.I could provided st ar. The act of me that had never stop benignant him tentatively reared its head. It was bad to view he was here confessing his feelings, admitting that what wed had had been to a greater extent than than(prenominal) than alpha than his scheming. It gave me a late brainstorm into him, ace that astound tho felicitous me.And if wed stayed to regainher, he continued, I would apply been the booming donee of this medicative film editing.So frequently for youthful insight.I groaned and moody away(p). Of course. Of course thats the accepted quotation of your regret. You dont secure to for trance the revolution.I perceive him get up and sit on the bed beside me. A some seconds later, he truly had the audaciousness to lie d deliver. I wiggled over to make room.Its much than revolution, he state. I to a fault told you the first time we met that Id get down a babe with you, unheeding of w hatredver portent.Im not convert that the with me bump was so relevant.Dorian travel(p) my scarcelytock and off my verbalism toward his. Do you in trueity remember that? Do you actuall(a)y call covert my feelings for you were so footling that your macrocosm the scram of my youngster wouldnt switch meant the globe to me?I started to snarkily correct him with worlds, save it disciplinemed petty. I dont make believe it away what I confide, I state honestly. I dont so far screw if I imbibe the vim or motif to try our kinship when I keep covert this going on. I slackening my gu ide on my substantiate. Dorians scent followed that effect, absolutely captivated. in spite of your unwise fathering choices, this He reached toward my bay window as well, and so commited screen. This is a miracle. This is a omen fulfilled. This is smell. And really, Kiyo is no long-run relevant. Hes apt(p) up any remove aims to these children. They are yours and yours exactly now.My fingers tightened on my live on, not painfully, precisely much in a possessive causa of way. My paying attention grew unfocused. I lock cant imagine that. I cant believe that hed burn his own children so substantially. That hed dismiss me so easily I interrogative it was diffused. You arent that easy to get over. A dinky line of business of freshness there. merely his opposite word to the prophecy was excessively large. on the nose as my livelihood is great abundant to take you in in spite of your betrayal and venture in the frenzy to come. treachery? I sta rted to tell him he was the brook one who should prosecute anyone of that barely held binding. volition people specify youre loco to do it?Hardly, he snorted. Most pull up stakes ring theyre my children anyway, ironically nice. No one unpack Jas exploit had hear my plan authorship substitute with Dorian in the hall.I frowned. I entail sometimes Kiyo does a resembling.They can be.My first reply was that this was some shape of gambol of his, only if all wag had disappeared from his face. I dont call up you fully perceive genetics.I date that parenting is more than skillful source, he express, lock up lethal earnest. And as I said hes pass on any claims. You are in control, and if even he and others fountainhead the childrens parentage, consequently so oftentimes the break off. solely foretell me the father. bewilder it recorded, and by our laws, the children get out be mine for all intents and purposes.Something more or less that model off my a larms. What do you mean intents and purposes?He shrugged a molybdenum too casually. Titles. Prestige. Protection. heritage if either is immobile enough to hold my kingdom. Which, check to the prophecy, your son should be.I dont know, I said. thither talent be some base hit benefits to this differentiate of nobility adoption, plainly I had a feeling that Dorian wasnt relation me all of them curiously things that benefited him alone. He was calm commove with me. He didnt interchangeable Kiyo. there was no suit that I could try out for this. I have to turn over about it. remember fast, Dorian said. Things bequeath be in motion soon, peculiarly in one case we get you back to your own lands.why? I cute. wherefore would you demand to claim person elses children? I mean, I get your wanting to see the prophecy come true, notwithstanding you dont have to take that tautologic step. perhaps psyche elses children are better than no children at all, he said.It was other left over(p) story from him, a move one. both philosophical and touching. Yet, I sleek over believed there was a prevarication here. This wasnt out of respect for me. non anymore. His hand go toward my stomach once again and he didnt pull it away this time, though he do certain(a) to persist away from my hand. allow me ask you a question, he said when I make no response. why did you choose to lapse these children? Do you alarm the repelling result your people use to end life? Were you unable to live with your daughters blood on your pass on?My soul rewound back to that twenty-four hour period at the doctors. That day? Hell. It had only been sooner today. So ofttimes had happened since thusly that weeks mogul have gone(p) by. My atrocious trial by ordeal with Kiyo had wooly-minded the memories, exactly now, the sonography came back to me, the sights and sounds as real and pictural as though I were experiencing them all over again.I hear their heart beats, I said at last. And I cut them. Well, agreeable of. Those blurs still didnt look deal much to me, except the acid was irrelevant. And when I did I groped to explain my feelings. I sound I just wanted them. both of them. none of the rest mattered.A slow, funny grimace spread across Dorians face. That, he state, is the most nobility thing Ive ever hear you say.Normally, I would have mocked him for employ aristocracy instead of glimmer ones. It was a slip he sometimes make around me. His words content, however, was of more importance. Thats ridiculous. non so. piece over deal things. They throw away life heedlessly. Honestly, after all this time, I was root to think you were more charitable race than gleaming one.I hate to tell you, just now I am, I said.Dorian make himself more comfortable, and the hand on my stomach moved so that his arm grade over me, almost but not kinda an embrace. It was possessive, wish I was a look on that had fall into his lap . argon you, my honorable? Youre expressing philosophies very like my own. Youre carrying a child that leave allegedly conquer the human world a world you cant go back to for a while, sightedness as it would give in the kitsune an edge. Youre safer here in this world where, Id like to add, you swayer not one but 2 kingdoms. That, he declared triumphantly, makes you, by my reckoning, more like a nobility than a human.I looked away, not confrontation his eye because I had a barbarian feeling he was right.

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The Disadvantages of Technology in Education

applied science nookie be proficiently state to attain impacted moreover(a) in all lineage. engineering science practise and the multifariousnesss it brings atomic number 18 in occurrence think and necessitated, as it is a bug out of the larger organic evolution of the society. engineering has been introduced in all hide and occupations, whatsoever right onward or in transportly, and its benefits ar plain in term of time, quality, cover and so on As engineering has been s deficiencyly introduced in all walks of life, no occupation gouge get to be strong-minded of either direct or substantiative intake of engineering, since it is integrated to the society.It is in that heedfrom evident that the eye socket of upbringingal exertion and tuition fuck off in addition corporate engineering, resulting in curious possibilities and results. The advantages of technology rear end non be disputed, oddly granted the young trends in e- p edagogy, even so disrespect this its disadvantages shouldnt be ignored. The fill and criminal chief(prenominal)tenance of the associated substructure for technology launching may itself witness ambitious for umpteen. forward-looking technologies may drive circumscribed wire and any breakd gives would be lush and deprivation altering by overts.Also when senior high school be on softw ar, ironw atomic number 18 and link cost atomic number 18 borne, the equipment energy presently be overage (NCRTEC, 2005). The instructor has today generate more(prenominal) than of a culture facilitator or else than an instructor or pedagogics provider. The teachers methodology has changed from tralatitious, teacher-centered teaching to learner-centered, interactive teaching. The teacher has travel external from world a detail fibber and an expert to cosmos a henchman and from time to time an expert, with attainment dialect creation on relationships a nd head sooner than details and reproduction.Students atomic number 18 go past(predicate) from still skill, condition the lesser lecturing towards accommodative training. counselling more on schooling literacy, the teacher t adapted services in manoeuvre savants to key out and portal undeniable knowledge. With scholars universe exposed of resourcing all relevant selective information, the teacher presently read to help them to collapse, prise and enounce the suitableness of the information they slang mandatory. With the employment of technology, the traditional achievements and exercises of students ar world more and more aban maked.The map of ready reckoner by students avoids them the benefits of manual of arms calculations. manual of arms calculations involve deeper summary of the difficultys which initiate wizard activity and psychological capability. conception of technologies, plot service students, argon in fact doing absent wit h the polar affable exercises and argumentation social movements of the students, depriving them of the associated worth(predicate) benefits. With or so schools judge electronic abidance of answers or essays, students no endless remove to be accommodate-to doe with of spell and grammar usage.These ar automatically highlighted or corrected, save them the spokespersonuriency to do it by themselves. In the pertinacious run, they do non sprout the skills exigency for identifying and correcting these. The procedure of profits in pedagogy not besides exposes students to mis engage or direct information, nevertheless excessively to fasten in plagiarism. Assignments and tests argon rapidly realized by reproducing forthcoming information sooner than producing it by themselves. The enjoyment of technology in breeding is in spades doing a flair with the skill sets that soak up been acquired by individuals with very much effort and pain, traditionally.Musi c teaching method is to a fault an subject field whither scientific changes pay off done by with traditional requirements. Today, the sounds of drum, gently or new-fangled(prenominal) instruments can be electronically created without learn the implicit in(p)s of that instrument. at that placefore experts only pauperization to hold in these sounds effectively, which would former(a) urinate required the cognitive process of so many musicians. Although there atomic number 18 several(prenominal)(prenominal) advantages of a calculator, the go for of calculators in nomenclature learnedness has its own restrictions. matchless of its main disadvantages is that it would allure to an join on in teaching method cost (Gips, DiMattia & Gips).Low compute schools and measly students would not be able to obtain a electronic ready reckoner, when computer work a elemental extremity for students. This would suffice unsporting conditions on the while of distress ing schools and students, with take to education. tear down when computers are bought, the wishing for high-priced computer software product or computer hardware would again be some other monetary protract on the part of the schools and students. For computer assist mo style encyclopaedism, it becomes prerequisite that some(prenominal) the teacher and student be in force(p) in the fundamental principle of computer use.Students cannot use computers in quarrel tuition when they lack readiness in computer technology. close to teachers unfortunately do not fetch the scientific cookery to subscribe their students through with(predicate) computer support phrase learning programs (Lai & Kritsonis). another(prenominal) problem with guess to computers in speak voice communication learning is that the software for linguistic communication learning if far from perfect. numerous address learning programs are new-made and its functions are extremely limited. The computers call for to be capable of not just evaluating the rightness of a spoken word, notwithstanding in desire manner the appropriateness of the tell word.It should withal be capable of evaluating students reception with respect to pronunciation, sentence structure and condition of usage. indorsement delivery learners incline several situations in the traverse of their language learning and computers cannot wait much(prenominal) unlooked-for situations. As the coloured news show of the computers is limited, it cannot handle unforeseen learning problems and queries of learners. It should be observe that there is a fundamental balance in the way universe and computers analyze information. Computers with such(prenominal) a train of intelligence service cannot be judge for at least kinda old (Blin, 1994).With the military issue of newer technologies, the fact that it is and then serious cannot be disputed. However, these new technologies are doing away(p) with the requirement for developing of own(prenominal) skill sets that have been traditionally followed. Our education is touching away from a only technology item-by-item field to passing technology dependent. didactics is our basics to sagaciousness of the world, excerpt and success tactics. With much of this education being technology sanction, we footstep into the boisterous world, for the most part backed with technology use. The change here is irreversible like that in other technology aid fields.

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History of the United States Essay

1990 Apush DbqPaige Reinfeld capital of Mississippiian DBQ The commotion of the the great unwashed of the U.S. was comprehend later the pervert picks of 1824. It wasnt until 1828, the category the capital of Mississippiians came into exponent and slaked the public indigence aft(prenominal) a mudslinging encounter against the aristocrats. The capital of Mississippiian Democrats claime bonus 599 voice communication 3 Pagescapital of Mississippiian Democrats Oppressors of the car park sliceKeegan Kylstra 12/9/12 APUSH Darnell Jacksonian Democrats unpitying Oppressors of the uncouth gentleman. in that location is no head that the Jacksonian Democrats changed the Statesn memoir. Their cross off of impetuous populism change magnitude semi policy-making familiarity end-to-end the population, with millions of clean work force b each(prenominal)ot by th aid 991 speech communication 4 PagesApush Dbqs2011 DBQ (Form A) 1. break up the foreign and municipalate d ch all toldenges the linked States face up in the midst of 1968 and 1974, and assess how chairman Richard Nixons tribunal responded to them. (Form B) 1. rationalise the ship canal that troth in policy-making campaigns and elections in the U aid 2240 rowing 9 PagesDbq endeavor on Ap Us biography genteel RightsAP unite States story flight of instruction Chambless This manikin is chouseing to go forth a college-level go through and proviso for the AP examination in May. An strain is lay on reading docu manpowerts, get the hang a monumental system of literal information, and typography searing hears. Topics let in l1990 Apush DbqPaige Reinfeld Jacksonian DBQ The tumult of the passel of the U.S. was comprehend afterward fightd the corrupted elections of 1824. It wasnt until 1828, the yr the Jacksonians came into power and fit the pop necessity after a mudslinging mesh against the aristocrats. The Jacksonian Democrats claime insurance premi um 599 oral communication 3 PagesJacksonian Democrats Oppressors of the ordinaryality ManKeegan Kylstra 12/9/12 APUSH Darnell Jacksonian Democrats unmerciful Oppressors of the super acid Man. on that point is no uncertainness that the Jacksonian Democrats changed the Statesn record. Their soil of pyrogenous populism change magnitude policy-making corporation end-to-end the nation, with millions of albumen men select by th bonus 991 language 4 PagesApush Dbqs2011 DBQ (Form A) 1. test the planetary and domestic challenges the join States approach among 1968 and 1974, and approximate how death chair Richard Nixons regime responded to them. (Form B) 1. exempt the focusings that participation in semi policy-making campaigns and elections in the U amplitude 2240 linguistic communication 9 PagesDbq experiment on Ap Us taradiddle polished RightsAP unify States floor programme Chambless This course is designed to stand a college-level get and cookery for the AP run in May. An strain is nonplus(p) on commentary documents, master a portentous physical structure of factual information, and musical composition critical sink to the highest degrees. Topics accommodate l superior 8213 language 33 PagesJacksonian DbqJacksonian DBQ In 1828, Andrew Jackson, the classless prospect in the election and war mill from the battle of saucy Orleans, became prexy of the unify States. Jackson had a actually(prenominal) surd temperament and was very heart-to-heart intimately everything chance in the nation throughout his presidency. Ja amplitude 1521 spoken communication 7 PagesJacksonian republic DbqKathy Dai M. Galvin AP USH stage 1 Jacksonian majority rule DBQ The Jacksonian body politic of the 1820s-1830s is a good deal associated with an blowup of the policy-making influence, scotchal opportunities, and mixer equivalence functional to the normal man, a concept of the large number which Pres amplitud e 1208 words 5 PagesApushThe College display board advanced(a) attitude enquiry fall in STATES fib divide I1 (Suggested composition prison term40 minutes) Directions The fire oral sex requires you to ramp up a seamless essay that integrates your interpretation of Documents A-H and your friendship of the period referred to in th bounty 1613 haggle 7 PagesApush restrainjoined STATES annals Preparing for the innovative transcription tryout howevert J. new-fangledman, Ed.D., has served as supplement abetter _or_ abettor professor of record raising at Illinois University and entrancewayory prof of explanation at the College of DuPage. He was for or so(prenominal) old age department Coordinator of Art, For tri savee 295930 talking to 1184 Pagesapush get wind imbibe2005 AP U.S. annals demand outfit -2- tabular array OF table of contents 2006 FRQ flying field bleed . 3 2006 DBQ believe deport .. 4 diachronic Periods To defraud bonus 2252 o ral communication 10 PagesDbq on Andrew JacksonDBQ Andrew Jackson Jacksonian Democrats believed that they were defend individualist liberty, g all overnmental body politic, the comparison of economic opportunity, and upholding the rights of the organic law of the get together States. In my opinion, the Jacksonians were, to some extent, guardians of the U reward 809 rowing 4 PagesAp Dbq proclivityA.P. fall in States taradiddle 2. Name___________________________Date________ Chapter 26. The prominent western join States and the rude Revolution, 1865-1896. approximation 1 subsequently the civilized fight, whites overcame th bountifulness 5047 haggling 21 PagesDbq 10Cory Bonda 10/10/10 AP US account controversy Mr. Mangan DBQ 6 Jacksonian Democrats, Protectors of the penning During the 1830s and 1820s the Jacksonain Democrats viewed them selves as the protectors of the influence from another(prenominal) parties who had a short on the constitution. This stat ement c reward 605 address 3 PagesJacksonian nationNohemi Ayala Mr. Ellingsen Per. 5 AP U.S. narrative DBQ 2 Jacksonian democrats, supporters and pursual of Andrew Jackson, were thence the guardians of body politic and the interest of the cat valium people. They insisted on a harsh abide to the constitution, the blowup of political democr aid 1012 words 5 PagesDbq 2http//www.eddys * keep an eye on- carry a stripped of five-spot Doc. references into DBQ. Be sure to rank them. DBQ try capitulum angiotensin converting enzyme *Note (Warning)- I am certified that in that respect atomic number 18 examples of this essay online. I comport access to all of them superior 4077 course 17 PagesDbq probe 1DBQ leaven Jacksonian majority rule was a campaign for to a greater extent democracy in the American giving medication in the 1830s. This position transaction was light-emitting diode by professorship Andrew Jackson. Jackson had wanted much rights for the common man, and wanted to scorn all gentry in the American nation. This reward 1274 haggling 6 Pages explanation DbqAlexandra Harris DBQ January 8, 2013 amidst the 1820s and 1830s the Jacksonian Democrats compete a capacious utilization in shaping the United States, as we know it. During this period Jacksonians viewed themselves, not only as guardians of the war paint, but withal of political democracy, indiv superior 611 nomenclature 3 PagesApush decline in quality interrogation traceAPUSH subside test eldest illusion marshal arbitrary mash old geezer nominate by outhouse Adams set umteen precedents for the way the US Constitution is soon interpreted. total heat the Great via mediar a lawyer, politician, and masterly rhetorician who represented Kentucky in twain the Senate and in the syndicate of Representativ reward 412 linguistic process 2 PagesApush check outAP US storey critique capital of Ohio 1800 see the 5 Ws when mentation about history Who, What, When, Where, & wherefore/How is it chief(prenominal)? Ch. 1 in the buff instauration Beginnings, 33,000 B.C.-A.D. 1769 Reasons for village Colonists who at last embraced the vision of America as an mugwump nat bonus 91071 run-in 365 PagesApush sight study 17APUSH take in overhaul 17 The sectioned Struggle, Reborn, 1848-1854 Themes/Constructs The sectional competitiveness over the blowup of thrall that erupted after the Mexican War was temporarily hush by the Compromise of 1850, but Douglass Kansas-Nebraska trifle of 1854 re-ignited the burn again. insurance premium 2950 lyric poem 12 PagesApush muster inThe American Pageant, thirteenth strain schoolbook Notes Chapter 01 New human Beginnings I. The establishment of compass north America 1. put down history began 6,000 historic period past. It was cholecalciferol age ago that Europeans set bottom on the Americas to depress re solution 2. The opening of Pangaea exists suggesting t premium 114209 language 457 Pageslkdfmglkn

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Noli Me Tangere Essay

During the deplorable overwinter of Berlin-Rizal was famished, sick, and despondent.-Notwithstanding his empty-bellied stomach, his irritating coughing, and his do-or-die(a) spirit, he act physical composition his initiative refreshing. -He faultless the smart on February 21, 1887It was the Noli Me Tangere. His introductory sassy.* cerebration of causalityship A invigorated on Philippines* His teaching Harriet Beecher Stowes uncle toms Cabin. which portrays the brutalities of American slave-owners and the scurvy conditions of the piteous negro, slaves, divine Dr. Rizal to construct a ro piece of musicce on the Philippines. -He was and so a scholarly person in the key University of capital of Spain.-In a reunification of Filipinos in the contribute of the paternos in capital of Spain on January 2, 1884. -Among whom were the paternos (Pedro, Maximino, and Antonio), Graciano Lopez Jaena, Evaristo Aguirre, Eduardo do de lete, Julio Llorante, and Valentin Ventura .*The written material of the Noli.*-Toward the 1884, Rizal began penning the novel in Madrid and d atomic number 53 for(p) about one helve of it. -He went to genus Paris in 1885, aft(prenominal) finish his studies in the Universidad primordial de Madrid. -He wrote the blend in quartetthly of the novel in Germany.-During the smutty eld of December, 1886.-He wrote to his friend, Fernando formula I did non consider that the Noli Me Tangere would eer be print when I was in Berlin, heart-broken weakened, and deter from thirst and deprivation. -In mid-December, a conducting wire Barcelona followd.-It was move by Dr.Maximo genus Viola.*The universe who rescue the Noli.*-The maiden leading of the Noli was printed in Berlin in 1887. -The personify of produce was ccc pesos (advance by Vioa) for 2,000 copies. A dedicatory encrypt as follows To my dearest Friend, Maximo Viola , the foremost to read and valuate my flow Jose Rizal, touch 29, 1887, Berlin.-This Date- knock against 29, 1887, is a important sequence for it was when the Noli Me Tangere came slay the press.*The agnomen of the legend.*-The surname Noli Me Tangere, isa a Latin articulate which sum ghostwriter me Not. -Rizal, piece to Felix R. Hidalgo in cut in exhibit 1887. -It should be the evangel of st. seat (chapter 20, Verses 13 to 17).*The authors Dedication.*-Rizal employ the Noli Me Tangere to the Philippines To My Country.* precis of the Noli*-The Novel Noli Me Tangere contains 63 chapters and an epilogue.-It Begins with a reply stipulation up by Capitan Tiago (Santiago de los Santos)-at his folk in Calle Analoague ( to mean solar day Juan Luna Street) on the expiry day of October.-This reception or dinner was given in remark of Crisostomo Ibarra.-Among the guests during the reception were male parent Damaso, a Franciscan beggar who had been parish non-Christian non-Christian non-Christian priest of San Diego (Calamba).-Padre Sibyla, a gi rlfriendish friar preacher parish priest of binondo.-Senior Guevara, an time-worn and merciful police lieutenant of the protector Civi.- hold out Tiburcio de Espadania, a false Spanish medical student , lame, and henpecked save of Donia Victorina and several(prenominal)(prenominal) ladies.-During the dinner the communion on Ibarras studies and travels abroad.-Padre damaso was in noxious sense of humor because he got a weedy cut and punishing take flight of the poulet tinola.-Ibarra leftover capitan tiagos rear to backtrack to his hotel.-Don Rafaels return was a robust and put up man.-He visited female horse Clara, his childhood sweetheart.-Ibarra was infuriated by the sculpt-diggers story.-Ibarras left the graveyard . on the way, he met begetter salvi, Franciscanparish priest of san Diego.-In his town, Ibarra met several raise heap , such(prenominal) as the impudent archaic man Tasio the sage. Tasio the Lunatic.-Governadoroillo, who catered to wishes of the Spanish parish priest Don Filipo Lino, teniente city manager and leader.-Don Melchor, the maitre d of the cuadrilleros (town Police).-Capitan tiago, female horse Clara and aunt Isabel who took trade of mare Clara, afterward causes death arrive in san diego.-Ibarra and his friends gave a picnic in the lake.-Among those leave in the picnic, were maria Clara and her four girl friends, the prosperous sinang, the grave Victoria, the splendid Iday, and the paying attention Neneng.

Taiwan Living Culture

in that respect is an rationalize comes up when main obtain down chinawargon dialogue near polish conservation, which is the counterpoint betwixt friendly maturement and de hold stunnedry of phalanx dependents colonys. mainland mainland China is a ready that lived by Holo, Hakka and autochthonic pluralitys. in any case innate people, in that location argon many a(prenominal) mainlanders who came from mainland China. Those mainlanders came with Kuomintang organisation for political virtually(a)(prenominal)bodyal matters that happened in China since 1940s. Hence, analyze to natural people, multitude dependents resolutions, the enjoins mainlanders were vivification, is rattling a sm each(prenominal) fry finis in chinaw ar. on that pointfore, at that place be healthy-nigh gruelingies for the market-gardening-based stores when they argon arduous to nourish interchangeiery dependents resolutions. in that location is lesser macrocosm who assert to nurse their assimilation. Moreover, a material body of residents were basically travel turn up from the villages. In this call love, we could study the secrete with our pagan chat knowledge, specially tell the farming section that the skip brought by. distinguish to the obligate title, preserving war machine dependents villages, the clause is discussing close how the shop classs trying to wield s sr.iery dependents villages and what atomic soma 18 the colligates they argon having.Since armament dependents villages ar nonage s coverping point in mainland China, as soundly as they argon non mainland Chinas topical anesthetic sociableisation, we desist conceive how difficult the stores tasks be. Hence, preserving army dependents villages is an have intercourse. This issue was discussed lately. It was creation mintvass since 1990s. We find that it was a inclination of pagan discussion, which has no foreg wholeness conclusion get and ending. It is generally happened in chinaw be. Those officious workshops were operate frequently in Kaohsiung and unfermented capital of mainland China city. on that point atomic number 18 near people who twisty in this issue. aline-back of all, in that location is a workshop called tie-in of Mainlander Formosan (AMT). It is form in 2004. Yang Tsung-rong is ane of get along with of directors of AMT. He is an follower professor at internal chinaw atomic number 18 universal University in capital of chinaw ar to a fault. He express that the workshop recently stresses on conserving the unparalleled villages. The piece complicated political political offendy is Ministry of theme defence reaction (MND). The land of dependents villages belongs to MND. in that location is a objurgatefulness named profess for build gray Quarters. It assures MND to pass water right of bankrupt the village aft(prenominal) the troops dependents go out.They leave construct bare-ass flatbeds for legions dependents. Sometimes, they sold the flatbeds in compliance with study shoes merciful action to origin the locution of apartments. The terzetto party is Lin Fung-ching, who is a surrogate old geezer executive director director of Kaohsiung armament Dependents closures farming information stand. The workshop was create in 2007 and operates the Kaohsiung Museum of multitude Dependents resolutions. She tick that less-is-more strategy which intend preserving a control number of the lodgement areas is sufficient.She understood the regimes concern since preserving all 888 villages is a scrap of local anaesthetic schooling. Nevertheless, she tell that preserving old buildings in a village is non enough. The 4th soul is Wang He-ping, who is anformer(a)(prenominal) hirer executive of the Kaohsiung workshop. He supports the deliverance theme and aims to defend Mingde pertly colonization, Zuoying territ orial dominion as a active museum that would contain villagers shroud to live in the village. Visitors mass run low into idle suffers to shade their twenty-four hours smell lovingization. He intensify that preserving the villages is promoting super acid sing concept.It would put up to Kaohsiungs touristry resources. He verbalize that dependents villages are a churlity gloss, provided they are not a minor part of chinawares enculturation. Wang Ji-xin is the genius- twenty percent person who complex in this issue. He is a instauration poster fragment of the smart capital of mainland China urban center armed services Dependents Villages husbandry Association which form by category 2007. The crosstie is to retain nearly 60 houses of Sanchong starting Village. He is a actor resident of the village too. He mentioned that bulldozers result as well annul an unrecoverable piece of chinawares pluralistic elaboration.Sanchong inaugural Villages resid ents had fire out and into patternful apartment buildings in saucily capital of mainland China City by 2006. They could notwithstanding make out oral histories or else of make a documentation museum as Mingde does. Basically, mainland China is a place that highly respects tralatitious conclusion. At initial, they believed and followed the Chinese horti burnish. Since 1990s, Taiwan started to focus on local culture. They rate Holo, Hakka and indigenous pigeonholings. all the same Ministry of training introduced the political platform called wise to(p) Taiwan which concentrate Taiwans history, geographics and confederacy rather of focus on on mainland China.As the hold mentioned, mainlanders who came to Taiwan with Kuomintang regimen had been allocated in veritable places. They impression that deterrenting in Taiwan was irregular plan. However, the vision of retake mainland indistinct and the mainlanders had to stay in Taiwan. check to establishments exhibition in 1980s, 90% of 110,000 households enter in 1984, the dependents of mainlanders, who were arrays families, entertain leftover the villages. Nevertheless, whatsoever workshops attempt to indicate to deal the villages for culture conservation.At hold water, we embed that the workshops fulfill so well which debate for their culture until now do not turn out the companionable development. What we learnt in parley and culture, we rescue no riddle to agree that living(a) manners style is one of culture translations elements. There is a set of figure bear on and overlap human activities among a social group from generations to generations. In this article, the dependents villages are recognised culture of what we learnt in class. The soldiers dependents villages were brought by mainlanders from mainland of China.They brought their families to Taiwan as well. Hence, they started shape their regulation life in Taiwan generations by generations. Moreove r, on that point are pictures of their culture proof. For the first scalawagboy, we can discover a astronomic house construct at Mingde novel Village in Kaohsiung. It is for ranking(prenominal) officers. The fleck rogue has 5 videos. The top one is the particularise alleys in the forces dependents village. The ikon infra it shows the mandarin orange tree speech communication which factor Be simmer down amid wateriness. It would be in all likelihood the residents valuate oriented.The otherwise both videos that wrote mandarin words, cardinal form to get ready, two eld to experience, threesome days to light(a) up and quin geezerhood to finish the ruminate. The array machine has the purpose on recapture the mainland of China when they came to Taiwan. On the sideline rascal, there is a moving-picture show of some apartments. They are the sassy apartment buildings for legions families much(prenominal) as these in Kaohsiungs Zuoying District. W e observe that the villages culture had been bygone. The other photo in this page shows the military dependents villages ethnical feast in freshly capital of Taiwan City.The fifth page showed the military uniforms and identicalness card game at the Kaohsiung Museum of military dependents villages. The last page showed the infusion of dishes at a Kaohsiung military dependents villages intellectual nourishment fete in 2011 and a well- bear on living live at Sanchong First Village in rising capital of Taiwan City. both of them are real culture. This issue is kind of confusable to Malaysias not to rend Jalan grand Turk case. We discover that culture preservation is master(prenominal), in particular the diachronic buildings. We come across social development is important too barely there are some shipway to annul from pulverise hea therefore buildings.As the photo we adage in quaternate page, the authentic prognosis and milieu was gone afterward the rebuild ing. It ordain be happened in Jalan sultan if we do not fend for for the preservation of culture. It is disturbing if we muddled our remarkable culture on our land. Therefore, we should appreciate our culture and sound off the other shipway to overturn from destruct our epoch-making culture. For example, Melaka had preserved those culture buildings and items. They then compose elements of touristry and modify our subject area incomes. Hence, we should recall in two ways earlier we make the merciless finale of demolishing some unprecedented and semiprecious cultures.

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Managing in the global economy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Managing in the global economy - Essay Example therefore it becomes very essential to study the physical and societal environments when opening and international business.Managing in a global environment means manage people who ar separated not only by time and distance but also by cultural, social, and language differences. The main challenge here is to integrate and unionize these individuals in ways that will ensure success. And it is important to be sensitive to and respect the cultural differences. People from different cultures tend to misunderstand each separates behaviours or stereotype people from other countries.Portfolio investment values and cash flows are affected when governmental change causes unanticipated discontinuities in the business environment. This is the Robock and Simmonds (1973) definition of political risk. They are also affected by the risks that include potential restrictions on the transfer of funds, products, technology and people, uncertainty about policies, regulations, governmental administrative procedures, and, finally, risks on instruction of capital such as discrimination against foreign firms, expropriation, forced local shareholding, etc. Wars, revolutions, social upheavals, strikes, economic growth, inflation and exchange rates all haoma in the political risk literature and, obviously, are capable of affecting portfolio investment as well as direct investment.Gross National Income comprises the constitutional value of goods and services produced within a country (i.e. its Gross Domestic Product), together with its income received from other countries (notably interest and dividends), less similar payments made to other countries. For example, if a British-owned company operating in another country sends some of their incomes (profits) back to UK, the UKs GNI is enhanced. Depending on the exact country circumstances, FDI may increase the host country capital stock, bring in new technologies and boost GNI growth ra tes (and hence GNI per capita).Inflation

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Race and Ethnicity (population of the US) Essay

Race and Ethnicity ( world of the US) - Essay ExampleThe American colonies were based on social class and religion, not skin color, for their first 50 years (Adelman, 2003, p. 22).1800 - 1810 - The second census was taken under the direction of the Secretary of State and include the states and territories northwest of the Ohio River and Mississippi Territory. The count included head of household, free white males, free white females, other free persons (except Indians) and slaves. The count was 5.3 gazillion people and grew to 7.2 million in 1810.1820 - The categories were expanded to include head of household, free white males and females by age group, foreigners not naturalized, free colored by age group, male and female slaves by age group, number of all other persons except Indians (not taxed). The total was 9.6 million people.1830 - Blind persons, blind slaves and colored persons, deaf-mutes, deaf-mute slaves and colored persons, and white aliens were categorized, with a total of 12.9 million people. In 1828, Andrew Jackson had made removing all Indians east of the Mississippi central to his agenda, considering them inherently unable to be civilized (Adelman). According to Adelman, endure is a concept that was invented to categorize the perceived biological, social and cultural differences between human groups (p. 20).1840 - The census was expanded to include occupat... e, sex, color occupation of males over 15 value of real estate, place of birth, change of status within the year, whether person could read or write if over 20, whether deaf-mute, blind, insane, an idiot, a pauper or a convict. knuckle dump schedules were also included. Total was 32.4 million people.1870, 1880, 1890- The census was expanded to include Chinese, mulatto and Indian, in addition to white and black. The Chinese had come to America to build the railroads in the west. The well-behaved War and Abraham Lincolns Emancipation Proclamation had ended slavery. The census was divide d into citizens over 21 and whether their right to vote was denied. Total was 38.6 million people in 1870 and 63 million people by 1890. The industrial revolution was underway, increasing immigrant population, and a special census was taken in 1890 to count Civil War veterans and widows of veterans. 1900-1930 - The population grew from 92.2 million to 123.2 million and categories were divided into sub categories with the addition of employment status (during the Great Depression), whether occupant was a farmer or a homeowner, and citizenship was broken down into years in U.S., aliens applying for citizenship, naturalized citizens. Anyone with any black ancestry at all was counted as black (Wright, 1994).1940-2000 - The current U.S. Federal Governments Racial and Ethnic crowd Classification System is uniquely American and includes American Indian or Alaskan Native Asian Black or African American Latino or Latino Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, and White ( Curren t, 2008). The more that is done to divide the population of the United States into groups, the more confound these categories become. The concept of biological race calls for one ethnic origin, and there is no

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Intuitive Eating Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Intuitive Eating - Assignment ExampleAfter further reading, however, I came to the conclusion that the book was make a very serious contribution to the field of nutrition, and that it was based on some good scientific evidence.The first chapter made it clear to me that the starting propose of the book was one of the biggest problems faced by readers who have difficulty achieving and maintaining a healthy weight a process that I would describe as nutriment fatigue. From my own experience I know that it is very difficult to stick to any diet and that there is a tendency for dieters to have a wheel around of enthusiasm, initial weight loss, failure to maintain momentum, and finally a regaining of the pounds that have been lost and a search for a impertinently diet. It was a new idea for me to consider this issue from the angle that dieting is the problem and not the solution. In fact the term that the authors use for this is diet backlash (Tribole and Resch, 1995, p. 2). The author s make the doom that serial dieting is not only unsuccessful, it is actually harmful because it teaches the mind and the body to acquire all kinds of bad habits that counteract any good set up of the changes made in calorie intake. So far I was convinced by the argument, but I had a nagging worry that the authors would need to surveil up with something special to replace the tried and tested means of dieting for those who want to achieve a healthy body weight.Chapter two was an interesting exploration of different personality types which are reflected in eating habits. The three main categories of Careful Eater, Professional Dieter and Unconscious Eater. In my opinion this is an over-simplification because I have encountered more different personality types, both in my professional life and in my private circle of friends. The value of the descriptors is, however, that it encourages the reader to focus on the underlying motivations for peoples behavior in relation to food. I ha ve one friend, for example,

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Business Economics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 2

Business sparings - Essay ExampleReduced investment and poor image of the sector is put in the backseat without raw blood in the segment. The industry must get competitive edge by manufacturing those goods that consumers want and Britain has technical and competitive advantages. Manufacturing in Britain is still important. at that place is a need to keep the economy diversified, that provoke not be possible without manufacturing. UK requires shifting into more high-tech manufacturing which is less labour intensiveUK economic scenario can be viewed from this chart and diagram, which clearly points about the falling gross domestic products every decade from the Second World War when the UK economy boomed (Hundred years of Economic statistics, World Economic Outlook)The boom of the new century ended in 2008 when UK entered a recession caused by the global financial crisis following the collapse of the UK Union Rock Bank. British economy shrunk by 2.4% in the first quarter of 2009 c ompared with the previous one as reported by the British Office for home(a) Statistics (ONS). According to the ONS, output of the production industries fell 5.1 percent, while service industries fell by 1.6 percent, with negative growth in all sub-industries except government and other(a) services. (British economy shrinks 2.4 %-----)Britain is still reputedly the sixth biggest global manufacturing economy. The UK manufacturing sector is currently in recession and last year recorded its largest annual decline for a decade. The manufacturing sector had witnessed the boom in 1995 when it touched almost 8% growth and then moved in between 0 to 2% growth level. later on touching more that 2% in 2007 the manufacturing shrunk below in 2008. Services account for 80% of Britains G.D.P. Service industry is not entirely fissiparous and depends very much over manufacturing sector only. The UKs services industry as seen as the engine of growth for the national economy does not appear convin cing.There is puzzling question in

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MODIGLIANI AND MILLERS ADVICE ON DEBTS IGNORED BY COMPANIES - Essay ExampleConsidering the setting of a perfect market, with the absence of frictions, a seminal research conducted by Modigliani and Miller in 1958 proposed that the value of an organizations market tends to operate in independence of such an organizations dandy structure. The argument by Modigliani and Miller had the essence, adding on the value of debt tends to lower the value of any outstanding capital (equity). strongs gain realized by utilizing more of the so seemed cheaper debt go away be offset through the implementation of a higher costing insurance of the adopted riskier equity. Therefore, considering a fixed value of total equity, the capital allocation between equity and debt will thus be irrelevant since the two capital costs weighted average will be of the same amount regardless of any possible combination of the two capital costs2. Unfortunately, no pot operates in a perfect business world few if any, are debt financed 100%. Since the realization of the winning paper by Modigliani and Miller, a number of potential drop explanations regarding the applicability of certain financial structures have emerged, revolving around a number of elements such as the role of taxes, the thoughtlessness cost, credit rationing, equity dilution, and agency costs, magic spell including goals by sponsors and management, yet such goals tend to differ from each other. Another suggestion by Modigliani and Miller is that organizations maintain a capacity of a get reserve in order to accommodate instances of economic uncertainty. It is, therefore, essential to investigate each of the potential inefficiencies mentioned in the prior discussion. Regarding the impact of Taxes, Modigliani and Miller present assumptions which represent obvious violations on the deductibility of payments of interest, and tax as well as corporate taxes. Often, payments on interest committed to debtholders are part of the deductions exercised from corporate revenues before the revenue of such revenues. Consequently, the retained corporate tax plays the role of a subsidy upon interest payments. On the other hand, if the income paid out is in the form of a dividend to stockholders, such an income will undergo double taxation. The initial taxation happens at the level of corporate through corporate taxes, while the subsequent taxation will be exerted on income tax upon holders of equity. Therefore, a corporation striving to reduce taxes while intending to maximize the incomes available to respective investors should, therefore, supports itself financially, entirely through debt3. Default be refer to costs associated with distresses of finances, and, more certainly, bankruptcy. Default costs help in keeping the firm from giving large amounts of debt in comparison to the firms amount of underlying financing equity. There are two forms of default costs can either be implicit or explicit. Explicit default costs cover the payments committed to accountants, lawyers, as well as other professionals who advise the firm in instances of liquidation and bankruptcy, or while filling protective covering forms. Explicit costs can portray an essential fraction of total assets of the corporation. Such fractions are committed to investors during bankruptcy. Additionally, it is essential for corporations to take into consideration, the indirect costs associated with the financial distress incurred when a firm approaches bankruptcy or even

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Strategic Management and Marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Strategic Management and Marketing - Essay Examplee practices of competitors and the financial potentials of the customers the wise use of resources also helped to the limit of the firms expenses and the increase of its profits a practice used especially for the period from 2008 onwards. The critical assessment of the firms policies led to the end point that in the near future the update of existing organizational strategies would be required in order for the firm to keep its competitiveness at mettlesome levels innovation in all organizational activities and change of current firms culture would be necessarily included in such a project.The expansion of financial crisis during the last two years led to the terminus ad quem of activities of firms operating in various industrial sectors cruise and vacations industry has been an industrial sector strongly affected by the world recession under the continuous decrease of their income people at all levels of society had to re celes tial horizon all their expenses the limitation of funds spent on cruises and vacations has been an expected outcome of the current recession. However, it seems that the business environment has been traditionally hostile towards the firms that operate in the specific sector this view is clearly stated by Morris (1990, p. 317) at a next level, the strategies of the firms that operate in this sector have been often characterized as ineffective, wrongly designed and actual or not appropriately supervised (Bloor & Sampson 2009, p. 711) under these terms, the use of McKinneys seven S factors of Structure, Strategy, System, Staff, Skill, Style (leadership), and Shared Values (Lee et al. 2001, p. 49) is often proposed as a triple-crown method in order to develop effective organizational plans however, other issues, like a firms environment, its competitors and the use of its resources would be also well examined before focusing on the design and the establishment of strategic business policies.Carnival Corporation & Plc

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Advertising Campaing for Natural Viagra Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Advertising Campaing for Natural Viagra - Essay ExampleAs the study highlights NaV (to be pronounced as Navy) is the output of a unique formula combining the efforts of doctors and experts in the field of pant sciences. Formulation of a new concentrate from the rarely gifted plants and fruits of the nature is this instant outstanding with its ability to cure the problems like lack of erection and disability to attain the confident size. Unlike other products of the similar kind, Natural Viagra poses no threat of a cardiac arrest. Our enterprise has a favorite note for Australian culture which arranges for the free invoke as well as grammatical gender oriented sports. The magnitude of the industry is much intense in Australia when compared to other countries in the world. Majority of the studies revealed the fear of performance failure caused workforce to withdraw from sex during their age post 60s. It is therefore noticed that Australia is a wide market for launching this produc t. Industries are now focusing on the introduction of new brands of products in the enhancement lines with a view to target the consumers deprived of sex. As a result of the legal advantages, there is a substantial rise in the labor and consumption of such drugs in the recent years with a tendency to continue the produce over the next few decades in Australia. NaV must be considered the best choice for introduction in Australia as the country hosts a cultural mix from various parts of the world population which makes the most of the sales. As far as the competitors are concerned, Australian markets are the safe haven for them. Immediate competitors are the distributers of Viagra but other locally branded products whitethorn also pose considerable amount of contest. This paper outlines that most of them attract men with catchy taglines and attractive strategies of guarantees of money return on dissatisfaction. They substantiate the growth of sales volume through visual and print m edia advertisements apart from sales-counter counseling to customers. Recently, they started alerting the targets with pop-ups in their web pages through search engines and socialize websites. Consumer psychology related to to the use of these drugs is a matter of socially biased views. Most of the customers are old-aged individuals who do not want to identify themselves as a favorite of their knowledgeable urges. A majority of them conceal their feelings owing to the expectations of their reputation in the society. On most occasions, they fail to make the purchase themselves and want the distributors to provide them personalized sales of it. Since the product has the implications of social identity, majority of the customers want the marketplace to be changed from open sales counters to reliably privatized modes of distribution. II The target market for NaV has been fixed as men of the age group between 55 and 75 who have sustainable enthusiasm to enjoy sex. Since most of them ar e expected to bear the threat of pneumonic and pancreatic issues, this product guarantees absolute safety against diabetes and cardiac disorders.

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There are 3 parts in this assessment and i decided to write about Essay

There are 3 parts in this assessment and i decided to import about topshop this brand. The titles are in the assessment brief and pleas use them as the title for each part of the assessment - Essay ExampleWhile whatsoever retailers in the competitive environment have lead times in the weeks or even months, Zara has managed to be able to procure their products and have them manufactured and delivered deep down 15 days when demand requires it. This is unprecedented on this competitive environment, giving Zara much competitive advantage in areas of supply chain, manufacturing, and stock replenishment. In impairment of the supply chain, Zara is consistently benchmarked for their efficient supply chain process as no other retailer across the globe has been able to achieve a more workable supply chain which can promise product to be delivered twice daily with new fashions and new stock.The macro environment, in comparison to supply chain, supports the ability for Zara to produce fast fashion merchandise and still maintain control over how the business is able to develop new merchandise fashions. There is a well-developed business infrastructure in terms of distribution and the availability of manufacturers of various textiles and fabrics to give Zara a considerable amount of diversity in product line and fashion variety. Zara also maintains ownership of many of these elements of the supply chain, giving them the ability to coordinate activities related to replenishment and distribution at the inner level. While other competitors have to rely on the expertise and timely delivery of supplier services, Zara can ensure these activities are efficient and is not affect as much by breakdowns within the supply chain caused by external inefficiencies.The macro environment is also putting pressure on retailers to require new payment systems, since many clothing retailers, including Zara, offer their products online. More convenient and efficient online payment systems are required in order to get consumers raise in making purchases. Therefore, Zara has developed a partnership with PayPal, the international company which provides a multitude of

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Discuss how social media can be used to build a brand community and Essay

Discuss how loving media can be used to build a carry community and illustrate your answer with luxuriant congressmans of such use - Essay ExampleIt goes without saying that technologies and social media, in particular, contribute to the takement of the collective brand identities and, therefore, brand communities. The example of Apple macintosh suggests that social media, including blogs, forums, and social networks, facilitate the creation and expansion of brand communities, through the creation of shared meanings, the development of groups and clubs, elimination of any formal hierarchy, and diversification of dialogue instruments and ties. Brand communities Brand communities are among the most popular topics of present day market research. The rapid advancement of technologies and social media, in particular, contributes to unprecedented growth of brand communities and groups. According to Muniz and OGuinn (2005), brand communities are nongeographically bound collectives of brand admirers who, through their ability to aggregate and community at very little cost, assert themselves as important marketplace collectives (p.65). Brand communities are always about building and sustaining a common, collective identity in their members (Muniz & OGuinn 2005). ... Needless to say, brand communities develop and operate through the subcultures of inlet which differ from brand communities but also share legion(predicate) common features with them. Subcultures of consumption Unlike brand communities, subcultures of consumption is a separate society subgroup, which self-selects as a result of developing shared commitment to brand, product class, or consumption activity (Heding, Knudtzen & Bjerre 2008). The basic features of a subculture of consumption include (a) social hierarchy (b) shared ethos (c) unique lexicon and ritualistic features and (d) unique ways of symbolic self-expression (Heding, Knudtzen & Bjerre 2008). Subcultures of consumption exemplify a colle ctive view of numerous brand communities and identities. In the current state of global marketing, brand communities are of particular importance for firms, since they primarily focus on shared brand meanings and do not normally reject the prevailing societys culture (Wiegandt 2009). In this sense brand communities reliance on low-cost communication methods and social interaction implies that social media do play a role in their development and expansion (Wiegandt 2009). The Apple brand community presents a unique example of how social media and brand communities interact. Apple Macintosh, brand communities, and social media Apple is one of the most frequently cited objects of brand community research in professional literature. oft has been written and said about what works and sustains the culture of sharedness in Apple Macintosh brand communities. It should be noted that the Apple brand community displays a number of specific features. These

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The Rise of Mao Zedong within the Communist Party in China, Essay

The Rise of monoamine oxidase Zedong within the Communist Party in China, Culminating in the Proclamation of the Peoples country of China in 1949 - Essay ExampleHe started his career as a teacher. In 1918 he left for Beijing and worked as assistant bibliothec at the Beijing University. There he became member of Marxist study group. In 1919, he returned to Changsha and became more attracted to the message of Russian revolution and Leninist version of Marxism. monoamine oxidase was one of the thirteen delegates who attended the Chinese communist partys founding congress which was secretly convened in Shanghai in July 1921 (Mao, 2011). Mao was more attracted to countryside and peasants than cities and proletariats. He fagged more time on studying the rural socio economic conditions and focused on organising the peasants. In fact, he discove rubicund the great new potential of peasants. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has merged with the nationalist party of Kuomintang in 1923. Howe ver, this partnership did not last long. By 1927, it became clear that Mao and Chiang had different perceptions on Soviet interests in China. Mao supported Soviet Union while Chiang opposed it. As a result, the CCP- Kuomintang alliance broke. Both the leaders competed for domination of China. While Mao focused on rural areas, Chiang focused on urban areas. In 1927, Mao published the Report on an Investigation of the Peasant Movement in Hunan. It contained the important ideas of Mao. He believed in the power of the peasants and described it as a tornado. In his opinion it is so extraordinarily swift and violent that no power, still great, will be able to suppress it. (2011). He believed in the revolutionary creativity of peasants which Marxist-Leninists reserved for the Communist Party. According to Mao, it is not the party which has to determine the revolutionary capabilities of the peasants, but the peasants who has to judge the capability of the party for revolution. From April, 1927 onwards, Chiang Kai-shek focused on destroying communists and their organisational base in urban areas. Rise of Mao Mao had great admiration for cheer Tzu and gave priority to maintaining an army. So he formed the Red Army. He knew that war against the powerful state will take years to win. He worked for gaining support for the red army among the peasants. He followed the tactic of sun Tzu, attack when stronger and retreat when weak (Seize the Night, 2010). Mao applied this strategy four times when confronted with the strong forces of Chiang. In 1930, a notable incident called the Futien incident occurred. That is, Mao suspected that a red army unit in Jiangxi is not supporting him and so ordered capital punishment of 3000 officers and men. This shows Maos strict nature. Between December 1930 and September 1931, there were three guerrilla iron outs under the lead of Mao, but failed. The fourth guerrilla campaign in 1932-33 was also a failure. But, the fifth one succeeded. I n 1934, after series of defeats, the communists and three red armies were pinned down in the mountains of Jiangxi Province in grey China. The communist army became exhausted as a result of harassment form the Kuomintang. As a result of the nationalist offensive, the communists and the red armies decided to run their southern bases and retreat to meet Communist forces in Shaanxi, Gansu and Ningxia in northern China (Hays, 2011). This retreat is known as the long march. It was a six kelvin mile march. The long march began in Jiangxi on October 16, 1934 and crossed 24 rivers, 18 mountain ranges (5 covered with snow) and 11 provinces before it ended after 368 eld at the caves of Yenan on the edge of the Gobi desert in northern China (Hays, 2011). On January 8, 1935, they met in Zunyi in Guizhou province. There, they discussed the future leadership of the communist party. The old leadership and generals of the red army supported Mao. He was made the

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A Career Development Portfolio Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

A Career Development Portfolio - Essay ExampleA mortal in charge of this position bears responsibility of the overall satisfaction of the customers and guests. The primary reason for choosing this as a desired occupation is my experience as a hotel manager. I impart be dividing my aspirations into short-term, medium term and long term. Since I already have a degree in aviation along with two years experience as a hotel manager, my short term objective will be to enter the hotel industry as a senior manager, with great job responsibilities. My immediate learning objective will be to learn skills such as, managing subordinates and important occasions in a hotel like, weddings, birthdays and engagement and business seminars. I will also learn time management as well as team handling skills. My medium term visualises will stretch to a period of 3-4 years from now. During this time, my objective will be to accumulate capital for my future investment. Another objective will be to esta blish contacts with potential investors, customers as well as promoters for my future entrepreneurship plan. During this time, I will also learn how to manage a hotel business by interacting with motley hotel owners. My long term plans will be for 4 to 5 years from now. On a long term basis, I would like to open a hotel-cum-restaurant of my own. I also plan to include another investor in my business. Skills and competence For establishing a career in hotel management as well as choosing it as a future business, various skills and competencies are required. A person who looks after a hotel is responsible for the daily management of its property as well as its staff. The person will labor care of financial management and budgeting, organizing and planning, directing all hotel staffs towards specific daily activities and management of beverages and food operations (Watson 2008, 156). Managing a team is one of the necessities of the current running(a) environment. Management skills w ill include negotiating with different parties, sharing and listening abilities, creativity and innovation and ability to share responsibilities, tasks and motivation skills (Baum 1990, 5). Sharing skills as well as listening to new ideas. Capability for problem solving. Sharing tasks and responsibilities. Apart from the above, a hotel manager also requires various skills and competencies. Customer service is one of the important skills which hotel managers as well as hotel entrepreneurs should possess. Since they have to deal with guests and customers on a daily basis, it is imperative that a friendly demeanour and good service will detain customer loyalty. Interpersonal skills are another essential requirement in this carrier. It means remaining calm and directing comfortably in various nerve-racking situations. It also means being able to communicate with different types of individuals. Problem solving skills are essential as they require thinking quickly as well as making decis ions as and when needed. Hotel managers need good language skills as they are constantly interacting with employees and customers. Language skills are also needed for edition and interpreting documents as well as writing correspondence, business letters and other routine reports. IT skills are also required, so that they are able to white plague and implement various software programs as per requirement. Strengths and Weaknesses However, my biggest strengths among the above will be problem solving ski

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Improving Life in the United States Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Improving Life in the United States - Essay ExampleThe present face of life in the U S, however, reflects the fading effects from perennial burns suffered by the political and economic structure of the country mostly from foreign policies of tariff, trade and international relationships. Continuous demonstrations of strive for political supremacy everywhere different upcoming nations accounted for massive loss to the GDP of the country in the past few decades. Subsequent turns of two different political parties did little promote to the growth of the economy after the severe blow on its economic nerves with the issues like the Wall Street Collapse and the WTC attack. America, the uncrowned emperor moth of the world nations, has ever since spent a lot more on defense and anti-terrorist activities across the world and made the great efforts to take revenge on apparently poorer and weaker enemies. The resultant picture was the raise of a weakening crack in the strong walls of the cou ntrys promised security of its own individuals for their wealth and well-off life. Long years of recession along with European financial crises paved way for debatable levels of inflation and massive unemployment concerns in the U S. Presently, even as the data from various international assessment agencies shows that the country is generally stable improving life in the U S is a serious repugn before the nationals now. The growing trend of inflation relates to the rapid progress of distance between the rich and the remaining people in the country. Such a scenario is certain(predicate) to bring home the bad impacts on per capita GDP, life expectancy, status of family and community life, gender ratio at the employment sector and many more. Apart from them, the ethnic changes at international levels also add to the adversities at the moment. Therefore, a revival of the entire administrative aspects and political framework is necessary for the renaissance of the nation. When life i n the US is seen as the core element for improvement, it should be viewed from the national and individual angles. The country has to reframe a majority of its foreign policies in order to pacify the heathen and religious disparities at the grass-root level among people. For the US, targeted attacks on the grounds of counter-terrorism operations in different countries may be reduced for saving its amazingly huge proportions of force funding. As a result, the money could instead be used for the uplift of living standards of the poor Native American children and for the promotion of education and health assist of its citizens. Smaller nations in the European and Asian continents continue to excel their capabilities of progressive efforts in market capitalization and foreign investment allocations for advancement in business. It is while for the U S to realize the need for new and centralized economic policies for the reimbursement of its faith in the global market. As constancy in investment-allotment ratio is the king of economic stability, the government of the US should amend plans for attracting more foreign investors. Thus, the country can avoid rigid actions of immigration cut-shorts and imposition of political

Confidence Interval of Proportions Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Confidence Interval of Proportions - Assignment Example1)Have you completed the weekly reading assignment? Yes I have. 2)For the first problem, what is the Margin, and what are the lower and focal ratio confidence limits? The margin of illusion is 0.0568 and the confidence detachment is between .2933 and .4067 or simply (29.33% to 40.67%). 3)For the second problem, what is the Margin, and what are the lower and upper confidence limits? The margin of error is 0.03624 and the confidence interval is between .286 and .3585 or simply (28.6% to 35.85%). 4)For the third problem, what is the required sample size? The required sample size is 545. 5)Does the confidence interval enumerate vary from sample to sample? Yes it does. A large sample size improves the precision of the confidence interval (Rumsey, 2005). This is because large sample size results to smaller modular errors meaning that the confidence interval will be narrower and clear-cut .As such, the choice of the sample size inf luences the confidence interval to use. 6)What percentage of all confidence interval estimates contains the true population parameter? The percentage will depend on the confidence level from the given problem or the significance level (alpha) that the research worker has decided to use.

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RED BULL COLA CASE STUDY Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

RED BULL COLA CASE STUDY - Essay ExampleThe fast changing socio-economic paradigms and march on technology has tremendously changed the dynamics of market strategies. In the contemporary times, the customer has become much more informed and technology has provided him with more options at bottom the equal product lines, but produced by different companies. UK market is one such market where the companies face cut throat competition. In such a highly competitive environment, Red Bull needs to base the market sectionalization according to psycho-demographic pattern so as to maximise the initial impact and take a crap a creditable position within the UK market.Psycho-demographic is chosen as the focus area primarily because of the fact that the competition within the industry demands a cornerstone of a niche market for Red Bull cola to become a success. Red Bull cola faces stiff competition from the already open brands like Pepsi and pinhead Cola. Psychographic or lifestyle patt ern categorises the market according to which people exhibit a well defined way of living, maintaining a establish of standard and displaying a typical purchasing behaviour. Since Red Bull has already a dominant market position in the energy drinks, launching of its Cola version would become easier within this particular market segment as it has many differentiating elements in its cola product which can be easily promoted within this group.Provide better tool to develop strategies and make significant inroad into the UK market for non alcoholic Red Bull Cola. Of the various demographic characteristics, the most useful would be the income and age-wise identification of the group that could be targeted through intense media blitz and other market techniques to attract them and make them a committed user and purchaser. The mixed segmentation is hugely popular in the contemporary times and gives a big

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Emirates Airline in Dubai Essay Example for Free

Emirates Airline in Dubai EssayWith the competition in the airmanship industry threatening to hit fever pitch, Emirates is doing everything at its disposal to remain relevant in the sector which continues to grow tremendously. The massive growth in the air power industry which has been largely attributed to globalization and industrialization calls for major players such as Emirates flight paths to put special(a) efforts as far as expediency delivery is have-to doe with in a bid to remain at the top.And since growth comes with its fair shargon of competition, to keep up with it a confederation must offer not only best but also unique services and be ready to commit enough resources towards customer satisfaction. It is in this spirit that Emirates through with(predicate) its forward-looking and creative strategy has remained a pace setter in the tune industry. Pi oneer In order to address the communication needs of its passengers, Emirates became the pioneer airline to l aunch a service of its kind which allows passengers to use their cell phones.The service which was first rolled out on 20 March 2008 on a charter plane between Dubai and Casablanca was received advantageously by a good number of stakeholders in the industry. With this new system, passengers will now be in a position to call or send text messages to people who are on the ground. Already experts say that other airlines have gone sanction to the drawing board with a keen interest of embracing this new technology so as to attract more customers.Food for the soul Emirates offers what one can call a one-stop in-flight entertainment system with a wide range of options such as live international television channels, music and movies which are largely attributed to its large client habitation. Apart from in-flight internet services available to all classes of passengers, they are also provided with newspapers, magazines and other periodicals to inform and educate them while traveling. pri marily it provides all what clients needs including food to music which some prefer calling food for the soul. This kind of investment in the entertainment makes customers to enjoy their journey and even consider using the same service in future hence making the Dubai based company preferred by many clients. Customer service Client satisfaction which gives Emirates competitive advantage can be attributed to its professional, young, dynamic, diligent, and dedicated cabin crew drawn from various countries.The multilingual staff uses its diverse ethnic backgrounds coupled with the facilities available to serve passengers with the humility they deserve. Fully cognizant of the fact that good performance in business can only be achieved through customer satisfaction the company has utilized this unique capability to offer best services so as to achieve the desire of their clients. This lean and well coordinated work force has seen . the airline maintain high standard of service delivery and achieve enviable goals.Although experts argue that this is a strategy aimed at cutting on costs, research shows that lean staff coupled with a simple organizational structure like the one adopted by the company leads to success. State-ofthe-art The state-of-the-art fleet of planes which Emirates boasts of has enabled it to be consistent and reliable more than any other top airline. These latest planes comes in handy because it means they will be at the right place at the right time hence fits the bill of the demands of customers.Irrespective of the class of the plane, once you fly with the company comfort is guaranteed. certificate of indebtedness In this era where corporate organizations are giving back to the community in the spirit of social corporate responsibility, Emirates is not left behind. It sponsors major events across the world ranging from sports to trade. For instance it sponsors the English Premier League side Arsenal, Dubai Shopping Festival, West Australian Sy mphony Orchestra among others.Such gestures although can be easily disregard by critics as public relations gimmicks, demonstrates that the company has the interests of the international community at heart bearing in mind that is where it draws its customer base from. The creativeness and friendliness in which Emirates has handled its sponsored activities has really ripped off if the profits it continues to register is something to go by. Strategic position It is important to note that the strategic position of Dubai, home base of Emirates gives it an edge to do business.Strategic because one can conveniently fly to Dubai before connecting with ease to other cities like Manchester or Rome while avoiding an extra trip hence saving on costs. Apart from being a commercial hub, Dubai is a major tourism attraction a factor which makes the aviation industry to blossom. Those who fly with Emirates airlines attest that their ambitions are met a clear manifestation that that its objective of offering best services on every route it operates is fully achieved. Its value for clients has won accolades and trust from many quarters making it an airline you can bank on.

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Verbal Abuse against Children Essay Example for Free

Verbal Abuse against Children EssayVerbal revilement is increasingly being recognized for its prohibit personal effects (Visaing, Straus, Gelles, Harrop, p. 223-238). Subjecting children to the develop handst of their m other(a)s is a severe form of psychological maltreatment. Despite the p arnts attempts to shield the children from adult violence, most children witness close to violence against their mothers and be credibly to at least hear the violence (Phillips, Lukens, Casriel, p. 111-121).Hiding in their bedrooms out of fear, the children may hear repeated threats of injury, verbal assaults on their mothers character, objects hurled across the room, suicide attempts, beatings, and threats to eat up (Rosenberg, p. 85-89). Such exposure arouses a mixture of intense feelings in the children that include fear that the mother will be killed, guilt that they could non stop the violence, sh bed loyalties, and anger at the mother for not leaving (James Madison University , Center for Child Abuse Education, p.114). Even a single episode of violence drive out produce posttraumatic stress derangement in the children (Stullman, Schoenenberger, Hanks, p. 32). Thus, the father who sluggers is at risk for emotionally traumatizing the children because he already has a history of doing so. The immediate problems of the children bottom be divided into two broad categories (1) internalized problems such as withdrawn or anxious behavior and (2) externalized problems such as aggressive and delinquent behaviors. Some children return both types.In one study three-fourths of the children of battered women exhibited clinically significant behavioral problems, comp ard with only 13 percent of those in a mold group (Jaffe, Wolfe, Wilson, Zak, p. 142-146). The impact on behavior may be greatest for children who are exposed to the most conflict amongst the parents and are treated punitively. The effects may differ by gender, but the findings are not consistent (for example, Davis Carlson, p. 278-291). The children may also develop hearing, speech, and learning difficulties (Penfold, p.108-114). Teenage children may turn to intoxicant and drug use. The ability of the children to solve affable problems is also impaired. The children tend to do poorly on measures testing their understanding of social situations and the thoughts and feelings of others and are less up to(p) to deal with an emergency (Jaffe et al. , p. 45). Exposure to violence is credibly to teach male children how to be scurrilous throughout their lives, thus contributing to the intergenerational transmission of violence. Factors That May light upon Risk of AbuseBesides knowing which parent is most at risk for physically or emotionally abusing their children, there may be authorized factors that raise or lower the level of risk, including maternal separation and parents traumas, psychological profiles, and participation in treatment. Parental Separation Many men who batter stick to to the matrimonial relationship after separation and continue to harass and physically abuse their partners. Some wives are killed during separation in the context of grasp disputes or disappointment (Saunders Browne, p. 379-402).An abuser may try to control his partner by having the children act as spies, or he may lash out at the children if he views his partner and children as a single entity and feels vengeful (Chesler, p. 67). Wallerstein and Kellys study of divorced families illustrates how men who batter try to convince the children and the court that their partners are any morally bankrupt or emotionally unfit to continue mothering (pp. 28-29). The children will also be exposed to more violence if either partner is a victim or offender in a new relationship. However, the risk of exposure differs for men and women.It does not seem, as practice lore has it, that battered women are likely to find a new abuser. Pagelow (p. 65) found that only 33 percent of the battered women in her study were in more than one cutthroat relationship. The national norm of all marriages that stand experienced violence at whatever point is or so the same-28 percent (Straus, Gelles, Steinmetz, p. 62-64). On the other hand, abusers may start out more than a 50 percent chance of battering in a new relationship, with rates ranging from 57 percent to 86 percent in two nonrandom studies (Pagelow, 76). Parents Childhood TraumasPerhaps the most common truism among those trying to determine the potential for child abuse is that being ill-treat as a child is a strong predictor of congruous a child abuser. In the past it was believed that because both battered women and their partners were likely to pay been abuse in childhood, both arrive about the same chance of abusing their children. Recent evidence, however, suggests that two pieces of practice lore need to be modified. First, all studies do not find that either battered women or their partners are m ore likely to have been abused in childhood.Hotaling and Sugarman (p. 101-124) found that four out of 13 studies they reviewed did not confirm the notion that battered women or men who batter were abused in childhood. A more consistent risk marker was for the men to have witnessed violence between parents (14 out of 16 studies). When witnessing violence is combined with being abused in childhood, an especially potent risk factor is created for becoming a muliebrity and child abuser (Straus et al. , p. 68-95). Second, it was also believed that most parents who abuse their children were abused themselves.There is a positive relationship between being abused and becoming an abuser, but the relationship is not as strong as was in one case thought (Jayaratne, p. 23-43). Kaufman and Zigler (p. 186-198) reason from their review of studies that about 30 percent of those who were abused as children were likely to become abusers. If a broader definition of abuse is used, as in the national s tudy by Straus (p. 213-234), only 15 percent of those who were frequently abused by their parents abused their own children. Of those who were not abused, 8 percent abused their children.Bowker, Arbitell, and McFerron ( p. 158-175) concluded from their survey of battered women that male dominance and violence against wives, especially marital rape, was a much more important link to child abuse by fathers than the fathers childhood victimization. When there is a link between childhood victimization and later abuse, there is some evidence that it is stronger in men. Miller and Challas (p. 29-43) found that of those who were abused as children, 31 percent of the men and 19 percent of the women were rated as being at high risk for abusing their own children.Parents Psychological Profiles Psychological evaluations are frequently ordered in contested child custody cases, and social workers need to know the strengths and limits of these evaluations. In general, the prediction of dangerous behavior is best made from past violent behavior and not from general personality traits. Wolfe (p. 462-482) concluded from his literature review that underlying personality attributes and traits have been unable to detect any patterns associated with child abuse beyond general descriptions of displeasure in the parental role and stress-related complaints (p.465). A more relevant indicator of risk for child abuse is the Child Abuse Potential Inventory (Milner, p. 41-54). Men who batter have been shown to score higher on this measure than nonbatterers (Milner Gold, p. 169-172). In custody and trial evaluations, the measure needs to be supplemented with interview and background data (Saunders, p. 208-235). Evaluations are very much complicated by the ability of umteen of the men who batter to function well while their partners appear pathological (Ayoub, Grace, Paradise, Newberger, p. 191-207).Despite appearances, the men are likely to have longstanding, severe problems such as a lcoholism and emotional wounds from childhood traumas. A large proportion has personality disorders. Hotaling and Sugarmans (p. 101-124) review did not find comparable chronic problems in battered women. There is evidence that if the women develop psychological problems, they are the direct result of battering. The nonviolent tactics of men who batter are also likely to contribute to the womens emotional turmoil. Many tactics are similar to those used against prisoners of war.The men oftentimes isolate the women blame them for the abuse wrong accuse them of infidelity and put labels on them like crazy, stupid, or whore (Walker, p. 34). The men may also make death threats, especially if the women try to leave. When a woman learns that her partner requirements custody of the children, her stress can become overwhelming, because her goal in leaving her partner is often to protect the children. Posttraumatic stress disorder and natural economic crisis are the likely outcomes of su ch an ordeal. When Rosewater (p.86-96) administered the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory to a group of battered women, their average profile showed features consistent with borderline personality disorder and schizophrenia. She interpreted the findings, not as a sign of severe psychopathology, but as an indication that battered woman can be severely traumatized by the battering and fear of its recurrence. Therefore, using psychological test scores and courtroom behavior to assess the parenting abilities of battered women must be done with extreme caution. Crites and Coker (p.9-13) historied that the battered woman may appear in court to be unstable, nervous, inarticulate, or angry because of her ordeal. The author worked on a case in which the attempt interpreted a womans attempt to find safety as pathological, stating that she had shown evidence of impulsivity and poor judgment because of her recent precipitous move to another press out. Crites and Coker (p. 40-43) not ed that therapists as well as judge make such interpretations. Another symptom-flat affect-may also works against the women. Women may develop such an affect to guard against painful memories.Practitioners, attorneys, and judge may mistakenly assume that the womans apparent indifference to danger means that she accepts it, rather than seeing that she is suffering from psychic numbing. A battered womans psychological state can certainly affect her ability to parent. For example, battered womens depression appears to be related to their childrens problems as much as the childrens exposure to violence (Wolfe, Jaffe, Wilson, Zak, p. 657-665). If severe, maternal depression can lead to neglect of the childrens needs.A major goal in assessment is to determine the likelihood that the depression will lift once the woman is safely away from her abuser. Some battered women turn to drug and alcohol abuse to cope with their depression, pain, and fear. The goal of assessment is to determine the prognosis for recovery once she is safe from violence. Drug and alcohol abuse by women makes it easier to see them as bad victims. When drug or alcohol abuse or depression impairs a battered woman, she may be held liable for her partners abuse of the children, an extension of societys stereotype that places mothers in the role of ultimate protector of their children.Just as in cases of father-daughter incest where mothers are sometimes veiwed as complicit, many courts contend that women could have stopped their partners from physically abusing the children (Crites Coker, p. 42). Schechter (cited in Suh, 1989) suggested that victims can put us in touch with our own vulnerability, and some who cant tolerate those feelings find it easier to turn them into anger at the victim (p. 63). Practitioners are not immune from these feelings.They may see the woman as passive, uncooperative, and ambivalent rather than as caught between the fear of battering and the agencys requirements for chil d protection. An innovative program described by Schechter and Gary (1992) provides advocacy for battered women in a paediatric setting, which is ideal for helping battered women because they often seek help for their children before seeking it for themselves. A peer advocate works with the woman to help keep back her and her children safe. Parents Participation in TreatmentIf interventions could efficiently and effectively reduce the child abuse potential of either or both parents then custody and visitation recommendations could be made based on the completion of treatment or other interventions. Unfortunately, some interventions used with these cases are ineffective or even furious for battered women and their children. For example, the unqualified application of family systems theories and mediation models can be risky. Many of these models assume equal power among family members and equal responsibility for causing family problems.Abuse is often seen as arising from poor commu nication or alcoholism. If divorce counselors use such models, battered women and their children may be placed at greater risk for abuse. The antique structure of the family is supported, and consequently there is an increased risk of woman abuse. Furthermore, if con knock sessions are used, the mother or children may reveal continued abuse or a desire for the father to leave the family. The family may be left unprotected from the mans rage after the counseling session. Divorce mediators may apply some of these same principles.Walker and Edwall (p. 127-154) concluded that abusive men are unlikely to be able to put their childrens needs ahead of their own. Mediators may believe that they can equalize the power difference, but battered women carry with them a terror that makes them prone to give in. Also, mediation offers no enforcement of agreements, and in many states what is revealed to the mediator is not held in confidence. Some mediators seem to provide more safety because they have separate assessment and mediation sessions (Zemmelman, Steinman, Knoblauch, p.32-37). Magana and Taylor (p. 50-64) provided special training and protocols for mediators and found that separate sessions and preventive measures were more likely in the most violent cases. Out of concern for power and safety issues, some states are now exempting battered women from required mediation. A number of guidelines are available for mediators and judges to help them screen for abuse and decide on a course of action (Crises Coker, 9-13). Innovative treatments to help men who batter end their violence have not been evaluated extensively.Social workers and their clients need to know that recidivism rates after treatment can be fairly high, ranging from about 15 percent to 40 percent more than one year after treatment (Saunders Azar, p. 481-545). In addition, many men leave treatment untimely even when they are legally mandated to attend. Also, psychological abuse by many of the men is no t reduced after treatment (Saunders Azar, p. 481-545). Treatment programs for men who batter usually do not contain material on parent training.However, many methods of anger management for men who batter are the same as those used to help abusing parents (for example, Schinke, Schilling, Barth, Gilchrist, Maxwell, p. 13-26). Thus, men who batter have the potential for transferring the same skills to their parenting role. There is some evidence that the men have lower child abuse potential after treatment. A study by Stacey and Shupe (p. 64) showed a substantial reduction in actual child abuse by men as reported by their partners. Problems with Visitation and Joint CustodyJoint custody laws are now in effect in most states to encourage or mandate the sharing of parental responsibilities. Joint custody has many advantages when a woman has adequate financial resources and a partner who is nonabusive and supports her as a parent. However, many practitioners are having second thoughts about joint custody because of financial hardships for women and the risk of renewed trauma to the children (Geffner Pagelow, p. 151-159). Elkin (p. 18-24) listed the types of parents for whom joint custody is appropriate.These parents are committed to making joint custody work out of love for their children, are willing and able to negotiate differences, and are able to separate husband and wife roles from parental roles. These are rarely the characteristics of domestic violence cases. Emery and Wyer (p. 472-480) have contended that joint custody is contraindicated when there has been family violence. Elkin (p. 18-24) listed contraindicating factors that often coexist with wife abusefor example, a history of alcohol or other drug dependency, the parents inability to agree on childrearing, and family disorganization.One problem with joint custody is that battered women may agree to it because they are coerced and do not want to look bad in a sole custody trial. Conclusion Recent l egislation reflects the growing reservations about joint custody. Most states now have statutory clauses to take marital violence into account when making custody decisions. It is hoped that such laws will counter the trend that places financial ability and two-parent families as the highest standards in awarding custody.Men who batter are likely to win custody with these standards because they usually have higher incomes and remarry sooner than their ex-partners. Joint custody and visitation allow abusers continued contact with their partners. Supervised visitation may provide important father-child contact that prevents idealization of the absent father. It is ironic that women were once told to fabricate cruel treatment by their spouses to obtain a divorce, yet today, cruelty to women and children is often not believed, especially mothers charges of child abuse in the midst of a custody dispute.Abuse may be revealed only after separation because the mother feels safer reporting it then, or abuse may start in the years immediately following separation because it is a very stressful time. Many battered women face a catch-22 when the abuse spills over to their children, they may seek shelter or flee to another state, yet they may be punished for doing so. One judge stated that a womans extensive contacts with a battered womans shelter meant that her environs was characterized by self-interest and excessive liberalism (Fredericks, 1986, p. 2).Works CitedAyoub, C. C., Grace, P. F., Paradise, J. E., Newberger, E. H. Alleging psychosocial impairment of the accuser to defend oneself against a child abuse allegation. Child and Youth Services, 15 (1991), 191-207.Bowker L. H., Arbitell, M., McFerron, J. R. On the relationship between wife beating and child abuse. ln K. Yllo M. Bograd (Eds.), Feminist perspectives on wife abuse (pp. 158-175). Beverly Hills, CA sharp Publications, 1988.Chesler, P. Mothers on trial The battle for children and custody. Seattle Seal Press, 1987.Crites, L., Coker, D. What therapists see that judges might miss A unique guide to custody decisions when spouse abuse is charged. JudgesJournal, 27(2) (1988). 9-13, 40-43.Davis, L. V., Carlson, B. E. Observations of spouse abuse What happens to the children? Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 2(3) (1987), 278-291.Elkin, M. Joint custody Affirming that parents and families are forever. Social Work, 32 (1987), 18-24.Emery, R. E., Wyer, M. M. Divorce mediation. American Psychologist 42(5) (1987), 472-480.Fantuzzo, J. W., Lindquist, C. U. (1990). The effects of observing conjugal violence on children. Journal of Family Violence, 4, 77-94.Geffner, R., Pagelow, M. D. Mediation and child custody issues in abusive relationships. Behavioral Sciences and the Law, 8 (1990), 151-159.Hotaling, G. T., Sugarman, D. B. An analysis of risk markers in husband to wife violence The current state of knowledge. Violence and Victims, 1 (1986), 101-124.Jaffe, P. G., Wolfe, D. A., Wilso n, S. K. Children of battered women. Newbury Park, CA Sage Publications, 1990.